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Baby Feet with Love

When my son was born, we were directly into the NICU due to the fact that he decided to come 1 month and 1 day early. He was fine; no medical issues, but I didn’t get to do certain things that I really wanted to. The biggest was getting his new born foot prints. I was sad I missed out on that, and with so much going on the weeks following, it got lost in the world. Then came February, about a year later, and it was time to do a new craft with the baby that I found…

Crafting Tools

  • Acrylic paint
  • Wide paint brush for the hands & feet
  • Thin paint brush for the letters
  • Canvas
  • Cute little feet & hands
  • Help to get said paint, feet and hands onto canvas
  • Prayers

Crafting Steps


Pick the canvas and colors.


Use help if needed to paint hands and feet and try your best to imprint them on the canvas before the baby wiggles too much (this is where the prayers come in).


Give the camera to the older child instead of the 5 year old because your pictures come out like this…


After the feet and hand prints dry, paint the letters L and E.

It is a cute little keepsake that I now have hanging on my wall. When he gets a little bigger, I plan on doing another one. Maybe it won’t say “Love”, but something with the same kind of letters.

As a personal note: my son hated the feeling of the paint, so that was what made it tough for me.  But it still turned out super cute!

Love what you do and do what you love.

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