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Beauty and the Beast DIY Shirts

Most of the time when I do a craft, I always plan it out, give myself some time, and then enjoy the craft at my leisure… Well, that didn’t happen this time around.

As most know, the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie came out on Friday. My husband and his princess Anastasia (10yo) had a special date planned for months. And of course, at the last minute, literally 5 hours before the movie was planned (10 p.m.) I decided I wanted to go find matching shirts for them. The problem was there was NOTHING. So what did a crafting mom like me do?

I made them some. And I did it in 3 hours.


Crafting Tools

  • Two white t-shirts (one each size both were about $6 each)
  • Pieces of cardboard (big enough to go under the shirt around the part you are painting)
  • Painting pens ($14.99 at Target)
  • A pencil and a thin black Sharpie
  • Iron (optional)

Crafting Steps


Anastasia and I had talked about making shirts about a week before this, but time didn’t allow for that. But, we had done some research, and she had found some outline-drawn shirts that she loved. So, I found those first.


I ironed the shirts to make sure they were very flat and ready for drawing. This is optional only because you don’t have to iron to do this, but I will say it will be MUCH easier if you do.


I started sketching. I sketched out the outlines for both shirts, using the pictures on my phone as guides. Keep in mind that it’s a shirt so you can’t really mess up and erase. It’s really a one shot deal. So take your time.


Put the cardboard under the shirt, and use the painting pen to color in the thicker spaces as much as possible. One very important note, these pens will bleed if they are too liquid and not enough paint. So make sure to start in a thick area so if it bleeds, it won’t bleed outside the line. You’ll get a feel for it as you go.

Once I was done with each chunk, I used the thin black sharpie to smooth out the lines and create sharp corners and small edges.


Finally, let the paint dry. I used a hair dryer on the “Beast” while I finished the “Beauty”.


Send your amazing family members on their way to enjoy their special date in matching, homemade shirts! Oh, and I threw in some cute socks just because.

Best craft ever, and they were both so incredibly happy. My wrists were a bit sore after, but it was worth it. Sure it was last minute, but crafting moms like me LIVE for these moments.


Love what you do and do what you love.


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