April Fools Craft, Why Not?

I did some searching to find some crafts I could do with the kids for April Fools Day. All of the crafts included playing jokes on friends and family. I didn’t want to make jokes, I wanted to craft. So what did I do? I made up my own! The kids loved it. It was super silly and quick.

Who doesn’t love disguising faces with silly cutouts?

The idea was to glue our faces onto a paper plate, then to decorate with silly and fun cutouts to disguise ourselves. Turned out great! Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast DIY Shirts

Most of the time when I do a craft, I always plan it out, give myself some time, and then enjoy the craft at my leisure… Well, that didn’t happen this time around.

As most know, the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie came out on Friday. My husband and his princess Anastasia (10yo) had a special date planned for months. And of course, at the last minute, literally 5 hours before the movie was planned (10 p.m.) I decided I wanted to go find matching shirts for them. The problem was there was NOTHING. So what did a crafting mom like me do?

I made them some. And I did it in 3 hours. Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Printable

I have been enjoying coloring with the kids the past few weeks. I decided to search around for a shamrock printable and found a cute one. We colored it together last night for St. Paddy’s Day.

I wanted to share the printable too for anyone else to enjoy. Share your shamrocks!

Drawn by “Janelle Wourms Design”

St. Patricks Day Crafts

For St. Patrick’s Day, the kids and I sat down to do our usual holiday crafting. We don’t always celebrate or do anything for this holiday, but this year I decided to change that! As usual, each one of the kids had their own craft to do, and I did too.

In the past, Anastasia specifically hasn’t had the chance to finish her crafts because they have been more time consuming than originally thought. So, I adjusted for her specifically and she finished (see below).

Everyone painted this holiday crafts session. So far, painting is the best medium for us all. Continue reading

My New Toy: Silhouette Cameo

For Christmas every year, my now-husband and I always set a budget for shopping. He made the mistake of giving us a number of gifts two years ago; and even though it was supposed to be only one gift… I let each of the kids buy him one, so he got a lot more than me. Well, this last year in 2016, he got me back…

We had a $50 limit, and I was good! I only spent $57. Not bad at all. When I got the giant box from my husband, I knew he had cheated. Best way to cheat the rules ever!

He got me a Silhouette Cameo! Continue reading

First Mod Podge Sign, A Tale of Disaster and Learning

Well, this was a failed project for me. Let’s just be clear from the start. This failed due to one small detail, but I think crafters should share the good and the bad… and this was a baddie. Good thing I know how to fix the problem the second time around!

I have heard about Mod Podge for a while, but never added it to my crafting arsenal… Until now! I came across a typography, pallet, Christmas project on this website (I must share because I am now an avid reader of hers–The Turquoise Home), and I was hooked. What was even better is that a good friend of mine, Jennifer, was coming over to do some Ladies’ Night In, Wine & Craft time. What’s a better time to try out Mod Podge? Continue reading

My Wedding DIY Projects

So, I have been a mom longer than I have been a wife. I have also been a crafter longer than I’ve been either, so I was looking forward to my rustic DIY projects. Because I was incredibly busy from August until October 8, 2016 when our wedding day finally came (and the baptism of our son), I did not take pictures of every step by step for my projects. But, I want to at least share what I enjoyed creating. If you have any questions, feel free to comment, and I’ll be happy to go into more detail! Continue reading

No Sew DIY Floor Pillow for Kid Cave

This was a last minute fun craft that I decided to do when I was officially moving my 17 month old toddler into his brother’s room. I needed to make space for Konstantine’s crib, which mean Kristopher was losing space on his floor to play. That meant the giant, “used for storage” walk in closet was going to be his new Kid Cave. And what’s better to sit on in a Kid Cave than a giant, floor pillow? Continue reading