April Fools Craft, Why Not?

I did some searching to find some crafts I could do with the kids for April Fools Day. All of the crafts included playing jokes on friends and family. I didn’t want to make jokes, I wanted to craft. So what did I do? I made up my own! The kids loved it. It was super silly and quick.

Who doesn’t love disguising faces with silly cutouts?

The idea was to glue our faces onto a paper plate, then to decorate with silly and fun cutouts to disguise ourselves. Turned out great! Continue reading

St. Patricks Day Crafts

For St. Patrick’s Day, the kids and I sat down to do our usual holiday crafting. We don’t always celebrate or do anything for this holiday, but this year I decided to change that! As usual, each one of the kids had their own craft to do, and I did too.

In the past, Anastasia specifically hasn’t had the chance to finish her crafts because they have been more time consuming than originally thought. So, I adjusted for her specifically and she finished (see below).

Everyone painted this holiday crafts session. So far, painting is the best medium for us all. Continue reading

No Sew DIY Floor Pillow for Kid Cave

This was a last minute fun craft that I decided to do when I was officially moving my 17 month old toddler into his brother’s room. I needed to make space for Konstantine’s crib, which mean Kristopher was losing space on his floor to play. That meant the giant, “used for storage” walk in closet was going to be his new Kid Cave. And what’s better to sit on in a Kid Cave than a giant, floor pillow? Continue reading