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Christmas Countdown Paper Tree

I wanted to give Kristopher something easy to do for his Christmas Craft this year, so I choose something that only involved cutting and taping. Plus it was a great visual and decorating for our living room. Go countdown Christmas Tree!


  • Printed pages with 21 bulbs, 4 presents, 1 gold star and a Santa Claus
  • Scissors
  • Tape



Find the bulbs, presents, star and Santa Claus on Google. Make sure they are big enough to print and not be blurry. I had to do a few prints to get the right size.


Since it was Kristopher’s craft, he had to cut everything out. I did offer to help since it was so much, but he wanted to do it alone. So, step two – get comfortable and cut.


Figure out what order you want the bulbs and presents. The presents start the countdown at 25 days. The star is Christmas. The Santa Claus is the marker to say what day it is.


Tape down the bulbs and if you want to add the numbers for reference, add an extra piece of tape under the bulb to write on. I had to “laminate” the Santa with tape because I have a toddler who wanted to rip him off constantly. So, tape as needed. The first three feet were completely covered on the wall, the tops were just taped once or twice.

Kristopher enjoyed waking up every day and moving Santa Claus. It was a great way to countdown, and it kept me in check on time, definitely.

Love what you do and do what you love.


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