Decluttering Plan On The Move! 

I have officially hit the “I can’t stand this clutter anymore!” point in my life. Honestly it’s been almost five years of moving between three homes, and it’s always been a “Now! Go now!” So between my husband and I, we haven’t gone through anything. We just threw stuff in boxes and were out the door. We have four kids between us, so their stuff came along too. But all this clutter is enough. It’s time to make this mess a home!

I have been thoroughly enjoying “30 Days of Less of a Hot Mess” where every day Laura has shred some pretty amazing ways to declutter every aspect of your/my life. I have taken the bull by the horns and am all in!

One thing I keep taking with me is “Roman wasn’t built in a day.” This means that my super high expectations need to be adjusted for reality.

4 kids.

Husband just had surgery.

Full time job.

There’s only so much I can do every day and/or every weekend, so I need to figure out my time to be the most productive and get the most done. So to get started I made a list. And a big list it is:

I may have gone a little overboard… never mind the two new apps I downloaded to help me stay organized (24Me and OurHome). The first is for reminders, and the second is for chores. They are amazing!

Never mind my beautiful new planner I bought. Must. Have. Paper. Planner.

So with my new tools, I am armed and ready!

My first declutterisation came randomly while I was cleaning up the basement and putting Christmas decorations away. I saw my empty three-drawer, plastic container that has Ninja Turtle stickers and saw my one, giant bucket of winter accessories.


Here’s the original problem:

Beautiful, right? If you need gloves or a hat, you could easily find it, right? How did we do this for three years?

Well, in comes the “not being used” container with three giant drawers, and we now have a great organized space for hats, scarves and gloves (in the order, top down).

To take it a step further, I added a blanket for decoration and topped it with a basket to hold our umbrellas we can never find. It’s not fancy, but it works!

Next step will be to take off this Ninja Turtle stickers, use my new toy to add some pretty labels, and it will be a finished declutterisation project!

Until my next little but big change…

Love what you do and do what you love


  1. Lucille

    Greetings from Los angeles! I really love your posts! They are so cute and fun. Thanks for sharing!

    1. miscelleana

      Aw, thank you Lucille! I have a lot of fun with each one of my posts. Thanks for visiting!

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