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DIY Photo Frames for Father’s Day

My husband is an incredible father. We have one son together, and I am lucky to enjoy his three other children on a regular basis. I love them and adore them as my own. We have done different things for Father’s Day the years we have been together. Crafts for Daddy have always been a hit. This year I chose a fun photo frame collage.

Let’s go back for a couple of years…The first year (2012) we finger painted on a canvas. The second, we hand painted frames and put in pictures of daddy with each of his kids. The third year and fourth year we did activities, like build mini rocket ships and shoot them into the air..

This was our fifth year and I thought going back to crafting would be a fun idea…They were 3, 7 and 10 on the first; now they are 5, 10 and 14. I decided that we would do some scrapbooking and give daddy frames–one for each of the kids–with images from when they were all really little.

I brought the kids to our favorite place — Michaels — and let them pick out paper, stickers and other embellishments they wanted to add to their frames. I chose a few images that I could find between my husband’s photo collection and the kids’ Aunt’s collection. Then the fun began the day before Father’s Day 2016…


  • Frames – our sizes were 16×20 and I choose the same frame so they would match on the wall.
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Pictures
  • Scrapbooking embellishments
  • Scrapbooking paper or any decorative paper
  • Kids ready to go

There aren’t really any steps following this… the only step is: Just let them go.

Samantha’s Frame

Anastasia’s Frame

Kristopher’s Frame

The Final <3

At the end, they each wrote a letter on the back of the frames. I’ll need to get pictures of the finished. They loved this project. Kristopher even said to me a couple of days later “Can we do that frame thing again?”

If you want to see what I did with the littlest, Konstantine, see this Rustic Colorful Baby Letter Frames.


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