DIY Recycled CD Cover Frames

I was doing a search online for some crafts, and I saw a cool frame project with old CD cases. So, I printed 8 pictures of me and Samantha and let her choose which she wanted for her frame, and I kept the rest. The project itself was fairly simple.

Crafting tools

  • 4 printed images cut 4.724 x 4.724 (4 per each DVD frame; we had needed 8 since we made 2)
  • 4 CD cases for each DVD frame (again, we needed 8)
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks

Crafting Steps


Make sure the images are 4.724 inches by 4.724 inches. I made that perfect square in Photoshop and then filled the space with the image before printing. If you don’t want to use an editing program, then I would recommend finding 5×7 prints, and then cropping it down to fit in the insert space.


Hot glue the cases together. Make sure you put the front of the cd on the outside of the square, otherwise your image will end up inside and not visible. When you are hot gluing, try to make where you glue even where the cases are connecting. Test it out before you glue because if you do it in the wrong place, the final corner will not fit together and may be skewed.


Let the glue set for a couple of minutes, and then open the case and put the pictures inside.

It turned out pretty cool. I have mine at work with my pencil holder in the middle of it. You could put a flower vase, a candle as seen in the picture or anything else for decoration.

On a side note, the best part of this project was when I handed a CD case to Samantha and asked her to open it and take out the current CD insert…and she couldn’t figure out how to open it. Had no idea. Are things that digital already? Sheesh. Needless to say it was a great SaneTime.

Love what you do and love doing it.

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