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First Mod Podge Sign, A Tale of Disaster and Learning

Well, this was a failed project for me. Let’s just be clear from the start. This failed due to one small detail, but I think crafters should share the good and the bad… and this was a baddie. Good thing I know how to fix the problem the second time around!

I have heard about Mod Podge for a while, but never added it to my crafting arsenal… Until now! I came across a typography, pallet, Christmas project on this website (I must share because I am now an avid reader of hers–The Turquoise Home), and I was hooked. What was even better is that a good friend of mine, Jennifer, was coming over to do some Ladies’ Night In, Wine & Craft time. What’s a better time to try out Mod Podge?

First, here is the picture of what had inspired me to do this project…

I already had some pallets at home, so I wanted to jump in and see if I could make myself a sign!

What I loved the most about this post was learning about the Silhouette Cameo. It is an incredible machine (learn more about it and its other families members on the Silhouette website). Problem was I couldn’t just go out and spend $200, so I was going to hand cut my letters out!

I chose to do the words from my favorite Christmas song “Silent Night”. I create the words and choose the font in Adobe Illustrator (because the letters are very clear when made into a vector) and then played with the size of the prints. Once it was printed out, on regular printer paper mind you (and therein lies the rub), I enjoyed a lunch break at Joann’s, and I came back with these added to my new crafting Mod Podge arsenal…

I didn’t use them all, but I still wanted them (I am such a craft junkie). So, here is the story of my failed craft…

Crafting Tools

  • Pallets (the number depends on how big you want the sign)
  • Nails, hammer, smaller piece (or pieces) of wood
  • Stain for the wood (optional if you want to leave it natural)
  • Sand paper
  • Acrylic paint, brushes
  • Letters for sign (this is crucial, see bottom of post for details: “THE RUB”)
  • Mod Podge with a brush
  • A sharp tool like a hook tool

Crafting Steps


Find pallet pieces you want to use and sand them smooth. Paint the wood the color that you want (I played with some random greens) or stain them. Remember, this is the color that your letters will be.


Once dry, nail the small piece or pieces of wood on the back of the pallets to connect them.


Give your toddler something to paint, or he will want to paint what you are painting…


Cut out your letters if you haven’t already (This is where the Silhouette Cameo would be brilliant!) and put them in their place on the wood.


Time to Mod Podge! Use a brush to make the letters stay down on the wood. Don’t worry about the color, Mod Podge dries clear.


Paint over the entire craft with whatever color you want the board to be. Let dry.


When everything is dry, use your hook tool to peel away the letters and the end result should look like my original inspiration…


Problem is mine didn’t. The paper was peeling and ripping. The paint was bubbling and coming off in clumps. The paint actually just peeled off completely except where the paper had been.

I didn’t take any other pictures of the paint peeling; I was a bit upset about it. So, here is all I have to show THE RUB.

I learned something that day… The paper for the letters/stencils is CRUCIAL! It was just printer paper – thin thin thin. What was I thinking? Card stock would be better by far! Or, as Laura from The Turquoise Home shared: vinyl or contact paper (which is just the paper you put inside of your cabinets under your dishes. Cheap and perfect!)

I will try out my newly found detail soon. Next Ladies’ Night In, Wine & Craft time…

On another note, Jennifer painted her pallets. Although unfinished, I love what she did so far!

Love what you do and do what you love.




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