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A few months ago I started a few projects with the girls. I’m still in the middle of one of them with Anastasia. For this project, Anastasia has become a fan of graphic novels. She takes them out at the library and from school. She reads them over and again before returning them. So I thought for AnneTime, we’d make our own.

Without an idea in mind, we started drawing characters and started talking about the story as we went. So far, this is what we have…

The Bad Guy wanted the King’s magical staff. He tried to steal it from the King, and ended up killing him on accident. BUT he flees before he’s caught with the magical staff. At the same time, the Bad Guy’s older brother–who is also the best friend of the King–walks in to find the King dead. Soon after the guards come in and see the Best Friend, and think he killed the King. So, now he’s on the run and flees to his brother’s house. The Bad Guy uses the magical staff to start creating half-animals as his minions so he can take over the kingdom, and his older brother who is furious about the kingdom thinking he could have done such a thing, is helping his brother in revenge! Meanwhile, the King’s son and his peasant friend who is a girl (not girl friend) meet one of the half-animals–who had fled the Bad Guy’s lair because he was tired of being treated poorly–and he told them about the plot to take over the kingdom. So, the Prince and his friend (with some other characters) go to the Bad Guy’s lair to stop him. Ultimately, they are successful, and they return the staff to his mother, the Queen. The end.

How’s that for a graphic novel?

I’ve never done any kind of work like this before, so I grabbed some graph paper. This became our medium. We both just drew characters, and then added them into the story somehow. No plan, just a free flowing creative process.

Simple Crafting List

  • Graph paper

  • Pencil

  • Creative Juices

We still have a lot to do with this new Graphic Novel of ours, but that’s okay. The journey is the fun part.

Love what you do and love doing it.

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