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No Sew DIY Floor Pillow for Kid Cave

This was a last minute fun craft that I decided to do when I was officially moving my 17 month old toddler into his brother’s room. I needed to make space for Konstantine’s crib, which mean Kristopher was losing space on his floor to play. That meant the giant, “used for storage” walk in closet was going to be his new Kid Cave. And what’s better to sit on in a Kid Cave than a giant, floor pillow?


  • Fleece fabric for both sides of the pillows; 1.5 yards for each piece for a total of 3 yards of fabric. (I choose two different kinds: one solid, one with a pattern. One was an old blanket that wasn’t being used, and I bought the second piece of fabric at Walmart for about $4)
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing (I bought a 5 lb. box of Fiberfill from Walmart for $11.97; I still have 75 percent of the box left, so get a smaller box of keep it for the future if you aren’t making a giant pillow or multiple.)
  • A helper or two, to make it more fun



Lay the pieces on top of each other. Cut them both to the size that you want. Keep in mind you will lose 10″ all together after you are done cutting and tying.


Cut 5″ x 5″ from each corner, and make it fun for the little sister who happily gave up her unused blanket to surprise her little brother and let her cut (Helper #1).


Cut 5″ strips down the each side. Make sure the strips are about 1.5″ wide.


Tie three sides together using the top and the bottom fringes all the way around. You are leaving the fourth side open to have room to put in the fluff.


Use extra fabric for a new headband because it’s August, and it’s HOT!


Stuff as you want. Make sure you test the density and softness. I ended up taking more out after I stuffed. If you want, use a child to try it out for you (Helper #2).


Add it to your kid’s Kid Cave, and surprise him with his new space when he gets home.

Note: This Kid Cave got a Ninja Turtle playset and a cabinet with cubbies that hold more toys. They came in after the pillow.

This was a fun, easy and cheap craft. Kristopher is very comfortable in his Kid Cave with his giant floor pillow.

Love what you do and do what you love.

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