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Super Quick and Cute Footprint Handprint Craft

In our Greek tradition, each of us celebrates a “Name Day”. In Greece, this is celebrated over the birthday. A Name Day coincides with the day of your Saint. When you are baptized you choose a saint to be named after (Or more accurately your Godparents do), and their day become your day.

My son was named after his grandfather (Pappou), and they get to share a Name Day, which is very special. So, in honor of this special day this year on May 21 for the name Konstantinos (Konstantine), we made a cute little prints craft for Pappou.

Crafting Tools:

  • Canvass
  • Paint + Brush
  • Permanent Marker



After you pick your colors, paint one hand or foot at a time. Press down on the hand or foot and each finger/toe to get a good impression. Try not to push and smudge. I used acrylic so I was able to quickly wipe away any smudges that were extra and unwanted, but that doesn’t always work.

Note: Make sure to clean each hand or foot as you go. It will help with the mess. Also, I put my son in a high chair so he wouldn’t be able to move AND I had helpers. 


When you are happy with the prints, use the marker to add the name or quote you want to add. Just try to lay it out with some light pencil marks, or just WING IT (I did).


I wanted an extra special touch, so this is optional. I told my son what to “write,” and he added his own personal scribbles for each word. That way I could tell Pappou what each scribble meant. Then I added the date.

Viola! Less than 20 minutes, and Pappou was very very happy with his new gift: Made with Love.

Make this for Father’s Day or any event really. It’s cute at any age!

Love what you do and do what you love.

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