Trying My Hand at Embroidery

My Anamastasia had her 4th grade Colonial Fashion Show yesterday. I would have loved to make her costume, but there was no time for that. Instead I did research and found one online for about $30 on Amazon. Two other girls had the same one, but somehow it looked different on each of them. Either way, she was happy with it. But the real fun was the handkerchief she wanted with embroidery.

Each student had to write a little index card so it could be read while they walked down the “boardwalk”, which was just down the middle of the multi-purpose room. Anastasia’s read that she wore a grey dress with a white apron and bonnet, and that she always carried a handkerchief that was embroidered with her initials, given to her by her grandmother. Last, she always wore blue ribbons in her two pigtail braids.

Okay, so I helped her write the card and knew embroidery was in my future. So why did I wait until the night before? Eh.

I went to Joann’s, and let me just say that I haven’t been in one for YEARS. I only remember it being full of fabric. WOW WHAT A STORE. My Crafty-Senses (not unlike Spidey-Senses) were tingling like crazy the entire time. I have never done much with fabric, but walking around Joann’s, I’m ready to start!

What is it about an arts & craft store? The smell. The…everything. Just so wonderful. Same feeling I get in a bookstore. My two loves.

I had fun looking through fabric to use as Ana’s handkerchief, finding the needles, asking where the embroidery rings were, picking out the pink thread, and searching for the blue ribbon for her hair bows. I sat the newly purchased items next to me at work just to have them nearby. It’s a routine for me, actually. I always have something artistic near me at work, sitting out, reminding me about what I love to do…

Let’s fast forward a few hours. So, not only did I wait until the day before, but I didn’t start embroidering until 10:30 at that night! And, I finished at 1:30 that next morning. I kind of learned as I went. I know nothing about embroidering except what I saw online from my quick research, but diving in is the best way to go, I think. I learned a few things along the way, like even though the stitches seem tight, once you take the embroidery hoop off, they loosen. My “T” did just that, so I had to add some little stitches. They aren’t terrible looking…okay, maybe they are.

I will say one of the strangest things happened…I didn’t hate was I was doing. Backstory: I hate doing anything that involves constantly repetition. I want new. Different. Sewing in and out for 3 hours straight (and I was rushing for sure) is super repetitious. But there was an unexplainable calm that came with embroidering. I honestly loved it. I would do it again for sure. My hands didn’t even get bothered unless I was holding the hoop weird. It was a great 3-hour project.

And the best part is Anastasia loved it. She was so happy. Do I think it’s a great embroidery job? No, haha. Do I think I even did it the right way? Absolutely not. But it was fun and looked great for what it was. But it made her smile. That’s enough for me.

I don’t think I did the right by any means, but, this is how I did it.

Crafting Tools

  • Embroidery hoop
  • Fabric which will get embroidered
  • Thread
  • Embroidery needle (I bought a crafting needle kit with different kinds)

Crafting Steps


I sketched in pencil on the fabric to outline where I wanted the letters.


I put the fabric in the embroidery ring and made sure it was tight.


I started sewing back and forth between each letter. I tried to do it in sections. Example, if you look at the A, you can see that I sewed up the A on the left side, and then across on the A. Those were two different sessions. I continued until the letters were done.

Some parts look really cook, but others are completely loose and not right, but, like I said, she loved it and was happy. Good enough for me!

Love what you do and love doing it.


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