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Valentine I Love You Mats, Year Two

Last year, I decided to do something special for the Valentine’s season. I didn’t want to just celebrate the 14th day, and I didn’t want to only celebrate my fiancé (at the time). I wanted to do something special for the kids too. I decided to make countdown calendars to Valentine’s Day with “14 Reasons Why I Love You.”

First I chose a background that fit each person like Elmo & Cookie Monster for my then-baby or the rocket ship for my NASA-loving fiancé. I printed the images on 11×17 pages to make them visually more awesome and spacious (I felt the 8.5×11 would be too squished).

Every day I put up the next note for all four kids, my fiancé and my now-mother-in-law (because she had been visiting, and I definitely didn’t want to leave her out).

Everyone, especially the kids, looked forward to reading what I was going to write for them every day. They loved their calendars so much that I decided to take them one step further and laminate them and turn them into food mats. Before I had them laminated I added one final hand-written note to each of them. I feel like it made it even more special that way.

We ended up using them for a couple of months. They even used them as dinner placeholders to say who was sitting where.

So this Valentine’s Day I wanted to do something similar but a little different.

Besides this year I have a Silhouette Cameo!!

I choose the same size 11×17 but decided to make the notes more fun and detailed, and simply draw some patterns in the favorite colors of each person. I also tried to keep the theme to match the shapes I choose for their notes…WHICH (did I mention) I CUT OUT WITH MY CAMEO!

  • My husband got stars to go with his space theme.
  • My MIL got flamingos (her favorite) and birds.
  • Samantha got teal lines and teal hearts.
  • Anastasia got pink and purple swirls with pink butterflies.
  • Kristopher got green diamond shapes and green turtles (remember Ninja Turtle lover?)
  • And Konstantine got trains and more trains (his current love is Thomas the Train).

I taped them on the wall where Kristopher’s Christmas countdown tree had gone, so they could easily see the new one everyday. Instead of writing “reasons why I love you” this year, I chose to write quotes sharing how I feel about them.

A couple of my favorite examples from each of my loves:

Now that they are done, I will take them to get laminated. Kristopher already asked me if that’s what I was going to do. He was excited when I said yes.

The most special quote was left for Valentine’s Day. I actually cried when I wrote them out because they meant so much to me…

I will continue this new tradition as long as these kids live in our home. …and maybe longer.

The most special about this year? Anastasia made one for me. It stole my heart. Samantha helped her add the 14 reasons. It really touched me for them to do that… I love them so much.

I’ll share them laminated once I’m done with them.

Until then,

Love what you do and do what you love.

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