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Valentine’s Craft Fun: Part I

I asked Kristopher what he wanted to do for our KrimeTime (which is his and my one-on-one time together), and he said, “What about EveryoneTime?” I asked him what he wanted to do with everyone and he said very excitedly “Crafts for February like we did for Christmas!”

So, I did what I did in December and looked into crafts for each kid. 

Even the husband joined us for Everyone Time this time around, which doesn’t happen often with his crazy work schedule. Our only problem was that we had some crafts issues along the way, so we didn’t finish any of the crafts yet. It was still a fun day with more work to come!

Samantha was going to do a string art heart (nails, wood, paint and string)… but our wood was wet, so she decided to paint two swans in love.

Anastasia was going to create a wreath from papers bent into hearts, but the stapler broke, so she decided to paint too.

I was going to create my Valentine I Love You mats (which I will post about next week), but my paper cuts were too extravagant to be used… So really I just got to play with my new toy and cut out red pockets!

Kristopher wanted Ninja Turtles, so he cut out some pages of paper and glued some more… he’s the only one who finished his project, but now we just need to hang it. The hubby helped cut some masks, so really this project was Kristopher’s and Daddy’s.

And yes, even the toddler joined us in craft making; although, it was definitely not planned.

All in all it was a very successful “Everyone Time”. I will most definitely share when we finish them, and my post about the Valentine I love You Mats will be out next! I love them!

Until then,

Love what you do and do what you love.

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