My Wedding DIY Projects

So, I have been a mom longer than I have been a wife. I have also been a crafter longer than I’ve been either, so I was looking forward to my rustic DIY projects. Because I was incredibly busy from August until October 8, 2016 when our wedding day finally came (and the baptism of our son), I did not take pictures of every step by step for my projects. But, I want to at least share what I enjoyed creating. If you have any questions, feel free to comment, and I’ll be happy to go into more detail! Continue reading

No Sew DIY Floor Pillow for Kid Cave

This was a last minute fun craft that I decided to do when I was officially moving my 17 month old toddler into his brother’s room. I needed to make space for Konstantine’s crib, which mean Kristopher was losing space on his floor to play. That meant the giant, “used for storage” walk in closet was going to be his new Kid Cave. And what’s better to sit on in a Kid Cave than a giant, floor pillow? Continue reading

Rustic Colorful Baby Letter Frames

In Greek the word for Daddy is “Μπαμπα” or translated “Baba”. I came across a cute idea that showed a baby holding letters that spelled “Daddy” and then each image was put into an individual frame, so I decided to do “Baba” instead. I bought two wooden letters, and let the baby hand paint the letters. Then I bought a four simple wooden frames, painted them and distressed them. The best part? The photoshoot with my son. He was 15 months old at the time, and it was a game to find a shot I wanted. But I got the ones I wanted, and it turned out amazing. I love everything about it , and so does my husband. Continue reading

Trying My Hand at Embroidery

My Anamastasia had her 4th grade Colonial Fashion Show yesterday. I would have loved to make her costume, but there was no time for that. Instead I did research and found one online for about $30 on Amazon. Two other girls had the same one, but somehow it looked different on each of them. Either way, she was happy with it. But the real fun was the handkerchief she wanted with embroidery. Continue reading

New Project: Papercutting

I was on the hunt for something new. A new way of creating. I had no idea what I wanted, but I wanted something unique and different. Oddly enough inspiration struck as I was looking for something for my wedding coming up in October. An item a seller was offering sparked my interested and my research began on…

…the art of Papercutting.

Continue reading